Black dog-strangling vine, black swallowwort

Vincetoxicum nigrum (L.) Moench

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Record ID:4242045
Location:Cook County, Illinois
Source:Kayri Havens
Project:New Invaders Watch Program
Site:Illinois DOT - Cook County
Habitat:Edge: Trail
Abundance:Dense Monoculture
Locality:Along Green Bay Trail in Winnetka. Probably city and/or Metra ownership.
Comments:Found by Christopher Warneke, he took voucher specimen. We both confirmed ID. I didn't find a site name that matched Green Bay Trail so used IDOT...
Area Infested:600 Sq Meters
Coordinates:42.0554, -87.4336
phenology:In Flower
Herbarium:CHIC (Chicago Botanic Garden)
Identification Credibility:Verified
Observation DateJune 10, 2015
Date EnteredJune 10, 2015
Validator: Debbie Maurer
Validation Date::August 24, 2015
Verification Method: Expertise
Date Updated: June 10, 2015
Percent Cover: Moderate
Source Type: Web Report
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