Bohemian knotweed

Reynoutria x bohemica Chrtek & Chrtkov√°

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Record ID:4258536
Location:Walworth County, Wisconsin
Source:Laurie Ryan, McHenry County Conservation District
Project:New Invaders Watch Program
Site:No Site Name / Unknown Owner / Private Landowner
Habitat:Abandoned lot/Old home site
Abundance:Dense Monoculture
Locality:Hack-ma-tack National Wildlife Refuge Turner Track-managed by Ducks Unlimited, Genoa City, WI Associates: Acer negundo, Geranium maculatum, Matteuccia struthiopteris, Carya cortaformus, Padophyllum peltatum,
Area Infested:367.9 Sq Feet
Coordinates:42.51029, -88.33906
Identified by:Laurie Ryan, Christine Kustra
Herbarium:Morton Arboretum
Identification Credibility:Credible
Observation DateJune 17, 2015
Date EnteredAugust 21, 2015
Validator: Tony Summers
Validation Date::August 27, 2015
Verification Method: Expertise
Date Updated: August 21, 2015
Percent Cover: High
Source Type: Web Report

Photo Caption: Knotweed- side adjacent to private owners Photo Caption: Knotweed
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