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Subject Name Scientific Name Type
oriental bittersweet Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb. Vines
spotted knapweed Centaurea stoebe ssp. micranthos (Gugler) Hayek Forbs/Herbs
leafy spurge Euphorbia esula L. Forbs/Herbs
Callery pear (Bradford pear) Pyrus calleryana Decne. Hardwood Trees
sericea lespedeza Lespedeza cuneata (Dum.-Cours.) G. Don Shrub or Subshrub
Chinese silvergrass Miscanthus sinensis Anderss. Grass or Grasslike
Black dog-strangling vine, black swallowwort Vincetoxicum nigrum (L.) Moench Vines
Japanese hop Humulus japonicus Siebold & Zucc. Vines
Amur silvergrass Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Maxim.) Franch. Grass or Grasslike
flowering-rush Butomus umbellatus L. Aquatic Plants
common water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms Aquatic Plants
Japanese stiltgrass Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) A. Camus Grass or Grasslike
water lettuce Pistia stratiotes L. Aquatic Plants
Brazilian waterweed Egeria densa Planch. Aquatic Plants
giant hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum Sommier & Levier Forbs/Herbs
wild chervil Anthriscus sylvestris (L.) Hoffmann Forbs/Herbs
sand ryegrass Leymus arenarius (L.) Hochst. Grass or Grasslike
Japanese barberry Berberis thunbergii DC. Shrub or Subshrub
narrowleaf bittercress Cardamine impatiens L. Forbs/Herbs
winged burning bush Euonymus alatus (Thunb.) Sieb. Shrub or Subshrub
rough mannagrass Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmb. Grass or Grasslike
kudzu Pueraria montana var. lobata (Willd.) Maesen & S. Almeida Vines
Himalayan blackberry Rubus armeniacus Focke Shrub or Subshrub
Japanese chaff flower Achyranthes japonica (Miq.) Nakai Forbs/Herbs
porcelain-berry Ampelopsis brevipedunculata (Maxim.) Trautv. Vines
butterflybush Buddleja davidii Franch. Shrub or Subshrub
Chinese yam Dioscorea polystachya Turcz. Vines
great globethistle Echinops sphaerocephalus L. Forbs/Herbs
Japanese knotweed Fallopia japonica (Houttuyn) Ronse-Decraene Forbs/Herbs
lesser celandine, fig buttercup Ficaria verna Huds. Forbs/Herbs
babysbreath Gypsophila paniculata L. Forbs/Herbs
hydrilla Hydrilla verticillata (L. f.) Royle Aquatic Plants
European frog-bit Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. Aquatic Plants
Sacred lotus Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. Forbs/Herbs
princesstree Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Sieb. & Zucc. ex Steud. Hardwood Trees
mile-a-minute vine Persicaria perfoliata (L.) H. Gross Vines
sawtooth oak Quercus acutissima Carruthers Hardwood Trees
wine raspberry Rubus phoenicolasius Maxim. Shrub or Subshrub
common valerian Valeriana officinalis L. Forbs/Herbs
dog-strangling vine, European swallowwort Vincetoxicum rossicum (Kleopov) Barbarich Vines

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